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Well February into March would easily be the driest time of year for your hair and skin. 
The Mantra is Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. 
When its cold we can often forget the importance of drinking enough water, 
our natural tendency being to gravitate to drinks that warm us. 

Most beverages although having a high percentage 
of water in their makeup 
are not readily absorbed by our bodies as water 
after adding anything that flavours ,
those beverages are now treated by our bodies as food and not water 
and therefore not used to replenish our daily body fluid needs. 

In some cases, especially with coffee and some carbonated drinks, 
the effect is diuretic in nature, not only failing to add fluid 
but can work to drain away existing body fluids creating a bodily moisture deficit. 

Modern science/medicine is only now just beginning to understand that 
the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses is a lack of sufficient water intake. 

I could use this space to attempt to convince you of the 
need to perform regular moisturising treatments on your hair at home 
or have elaborate deep moisture treatments carried out in-salon but in all honesty, 
although those hair care steps will lead to shinier, softer hair, 
I cannot overly stress the importance for all of us to dramatically increase our daily water intake. 
Doing so will not only lead us to more beautiful hair & skin, but to 
generally better overall health and well being. 

If you only read one book this year, make it this one. 
This is an inspirational story of bravery and basic human intelligence.