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GOLD SALON TOKYO terms & Conditions

Please check our terms and condition, we consider your making of an appointment as agreement to our terms and conditions.
These conditions below do not in any way affect your statutory rights protected under Japanese law.


All client personal information, expressly your Name, email addresses, phone numbers and /or social media accounts details collected by us to create your client profile will never be transferred, sold or traded to any other third parties under any circumstances without your permission granted to do so.


・As a client of Gold, You agree to give the salon a minimum of 24 hours notice of any changes to your appointments including changes of requested services, rescheduling and cancellation.Failure to do so may result in a late change/no show charge being applied to your account to be paid at your next visit.
The current charge is ¥5,000.


・Arriving late to your appointment inconveniences other clients and creates a disturbance to our salon atmosphere.
If you believe you will be in excess of 15 minutes late, we request you please call the salon to check if it will still be possible to access that appointment.
In the event of lateness causing the appointment to be canceled, such cancellations will be treated as a late cancellation and a ¥5,000 late fee will be applied to your account, payable at your next salon visit.


・New clients booking for services that exceed one hour will be requested to pay a ¥5000 deposit to secure your appointment.


・Gold reserves the right to make additional charges to your service bill in the event of excessive use of our products. Those additional charges will be capped at a maximum of 10% of the total cost of your bill on the day.


・We request all new clients to disclose to us any prior history of allergic reactions from hair products before making your appointment so we may set up a short appointment to apply a “ Patch Test”.
Simply put, a patch test is an application of a very small amount of product, most often hair dye, to the skin behind the ears which is then covered with a small plaster or band aid.
After a duration of 24 hours if no redness, swelling, itchiness or other discomfort is observed, then it is considered safe to proceed with the chemical based hair service.


・Gold Salon Tokyo accepts limited responsibility for any problems that may arise from your level of satisfaction with your hair.
If we judge that something needs adjusting from a technical perspective, we will carry out the further work at our expense. When such a claim is made, it must be rectified within 10 days of the initial service. Claims of any kind made later than 10 days from your service day will be subject solely to our discretion.
This guarantee does not cover requested re-do’s where it is not about the quality of our work but rather a situation where a client has simply changed their mind as to their previous request.

If any of these terms and conditions are not clear please contact us from our contact page with any questions or concerns.