GOLD SALON TOKYO   English speaking hair salon in Tokyo



Cutting & Styling

Cut (includes  s/poo & blow)
Fringe/Bangs trim
Short~Med ¥3,500~4500
Long ¥5,200
From ¥6,000
From ¥7,500


Semi Permanent Colour
Short ¥9,000
Med ¥10,000
Long ¥11,000
Semi + ¼ head hi-lights add ¥5,000
Semi + ½ head hi-lights add ¥7,000
Permanent Colour
Regrowth ¥9,500
Hi-Lift Regrowth ¥10,500
Virgin Application
Short ¥10,000
Med ¥12,000
Long ¥13,000
+1/4 head hi-lights add ¥5,000
+1/2 head hi-lights add ¥7,000
T-Bar (Hairline and parting single process root colour application)
Ammonia Free Organic Colour
Foil Hi-Lights
¼ head ¥11~13,000
½ head ¥14.000~16,000
Full head ¥19~21,000
Accent Foils ¥500
per foil (max 12 foils)
Regrowth/ Short ¥16,000
Med ¥18,000
Long ¥20,000
Extra Colour

(charge applied to any colour service price where excessive product was used)



Brazilian Keratin “Smoothing” Treatment (B.K.T)
Short ¥23,000
Med ¥28,000
Long ¥33,000
Extra Product ¥2,500~ ( applies to extra long hair where applicable) 
Japanese Tong Straightening ( permanent straightening)
Short ¥25,000
Med ¥30,000
Long ¥35,000
Classic ¥16~20,000
Spiral/Creative POA

Hair Extensions

100% Human hair, Prior consultation require before application.

Price range per extension ¥750〜¥1050 depending on length and quality

(average for a full head is 90〜150 pieces)



Target Moisture Treatment 15mins
Intensive Repair Treatment 20mins
Shu Uemura Personalized Hair Treatment(includes minimum 10mins cuticle massage) 30mins


Above prices do not include Government Sales Tax ( currently 8%)

Clients missing appointments without cancelling will be charged ¥5,000.

Thank you.

GOLD kindly requests your understanding that quotes given here or over the phone are

our best estimates and a more accurate quote can be achieved when talking to your stylist

before the service commencement.

GOLD reserves the right to vary charges dependent upon time spent and amount of

product used to achieve the desired outcome.