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Q. Can Great Lengths hair extensions damage my hair?

A. The common cause of hair breakage by inferior hair extension systems are due to the use of wax, metal or other hard compounds in the hair extension bonds that are not flexible on wet hair. Great Lengths patented synthesized keratin bond mimics your own hair’s structure by expanding and contracting with your hair shaft. This results in no stress on your hair. Applied using the Great Lengths applicator, the applicator simply moulds the bond around your own hair. The bond is so small and light that it is virtually undetectable and causes no strain on your own hair.

Correct application is most important to prevent hair breakage. The Great Lengths keratin bonds will not cause damage to your hair if applied in the correct manner by a Great Lengths Certified hair extension expert . Great Lengths certified stylists undergo an extremely rigorous training process to gain certification.


Q. How long can I expect my Great Lengths hair extensions to last?

A. With good maintenance, including daily brushing with a Great Lengths special extension brush, your Great Lengths hair extensions canlast for up to six months.

While your hair is growing, the Keratin bond will simply grow out as your hair grows.


Q. Will it be obvious that I have hair extensions?

A. Our hair extensions are virtually invisible if installed correctly by a Great Lengths certified technician. The bonds are attached close to the head and never on the parting or hairline. As the extensions are set in rows, following the natural direcion of your own hair, the effect is discreet and indistinguishable to your own hair. It is also possible to wear your hair up, just as long as you are careful not to have pulled your hair back to tightly exposing a row of the extensions.


Q. Is it possible to match the hair extensions to my own hair colour?

A. Our hair extensions come in fifty two shades from very light blonde to the deepest black. Because natural hair often has two to three different shades, your Great Lengths technician will usually select a couple of different shades of hair extensions so that the additional hair matches your own hair more naturally. Highlights and lowlights can be created using extensions reducing the need to colour your own hair.


Q. Can my hair be coloured/highlighted while I have Great Lengths extensions in?

A. Yes. Qualified Great Lengths extension technicians are trained to colour between the hair extensions should this be required. Your colour can easily be freshened up in the “freezone” or top section of the head where hair extensions have not been installed.


Q. What is the cost to get Great Lengths extensions?

A. Great Lengths extension service costs can vary greatly from person to person as each application is truly a custom service. There are many Great Lengths extension options to be considered; lengthening, full volumizing, zonal volume increase , directional/fashion colour placement etc . For a more accurate quote that includes taking into consideration your current hair type/style and your desired result, please book a consultation with a Great Lengths Certified Technician by calling GOLD on 03) 6436-0228. Your Consultation is completely free of charge.

Hair Extensions

“Great Lengths” 100% Human Remi hair, prior consultation required and POA (price on application)

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