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Japanese Straightening




Q. What is Japanese Style Hair Straightening?

A. Japanese Hair Straightening is an innovative technique from Japan that makes frizzy, curly and/or wavy hair straight while preserving the hair’s health.
Years ago, people were concerned that if they straightened their hair, they may damage it significantly, and to a degree, this was true.
But not any more.
Hair can be straightened more effectively with the Japanese techniques and the results are much less damaging to the hair than was previously the case. Japanese Hair Straightening typically will improve the hair’s feel, softness and shine while making it more manageable!


Q. How long will a Japanese Straightening generally last?

A. Japanese straightening gives a permanent straight result meaning the treated hair
will remain straight until it has grown out or has been cut out.
Commonly the hair will look great for anywhere between 6~12 months.


Q. What will my hair look like after the process?

A.. Your hair will appear smoother, shinier and much more glossier.
It is important to remember that any process that creates a major change in your hair
will not leave your hair in the same or better condition to what it was before the processing.
Although Japanese straightening may give your hair the illusion of it now being healthier,
it is still extremely important that your home hair care regimen is focused on protecting your now chemically treated hair.
That may involve using different shampoos and conditioners to what you have been able to use until now,
and performing regular hair treatments to maintain your hair in the optimum condition possible.


Q. When I get the new growth retreated, would I need to do all the hair again?

A. No, just the new growth and the transition between straightened and new growth is treated.
The previously treated hair is protected from the solution by using oil or conditioner.
As the process takes the same time and in many cases often a bit longer due to the care needed
to cover and protect the previously straightened hair,
the cost for a re-touch is the same as for the initial service.


Q. Can I have a Japanese Straightening if my hair is coloured?

A. Yes, but it depends on the degree of colouring and the condition of your hair after colouring.
Lightly damaged hair such as semi-permanent or permanently coloured hair that has not been greatly lightened
is generally not a problem, but heavily highlighted hair may not be suitable.
Fully bleached hair is never suitable for a Japanese straightening.
Gold recommends that anyone contemplating a Japanese Straightening service to drop into the salon
for a complimentary consultation to ascertain the compatibility of this service
with your hair type, condition and expectations.


Japanese Tong Straightening (permanent straightening)

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