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Keratin Treatment


Gold is proud to use and recommend QOD Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment exclusively in Tokyo. QOD Max Silver, the latest formulation from QOD Brazil, is a revolutionary keratin-based treatment that creates major transformations on the hair.

Keratin is the primary protein found in hair, skin and nails and is a natural substance that aids in returning hair to a healthier, shiny, smooth state. Unlike other treatments and techniques, smoothing with QOD Brazilian Keratin replenishes the hair’s condition without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It is suitable for all hair types and is particularly most effective on highly damaged hair.


Q. There are so many different keratin treatments in the market, why should I choose QOD Brazilian Keratin?

A. We have trialled the rest and settled on the best, QOD simply offers the highest quality Brazilian Keratin products available on the market today.
Any stylist who uses QOD Brazilian Keratin will tell you they are more effective and the results last longer than other Keratin treatments and
QOD Max Silver produces significantly more volume reduction with far more shine than any other BKT brand available.

QOD is the dominant high-end hair cosmetics brand in Brazil and most of South America. Twelve years ago, QOD was the first major company to create a reliable and professionally produced Brazilian Keratin product, QOD MAX, which quickly became the number one selling formula in Brazil. QOD’s Keratin products continue to be Brazil’s most successful high end Keratin treatment formulations.

QOD maintains its own state of the art scientific research and development facilities, making QOD Brazilian Keratin formulations the industry’s most advanced.


Q. Is QOD Keratin “formaldehyde-free”?

A. QOD’s Brazilian Keratin products do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde, unlike formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. Instead, they have invested over twelve years of research into a patented process that imitates the effects of formaldehyde, making it FDA approved.
Still, QOD chooses not to market their products as “formaldehyde free.” This is usually a disingenuous marketing ploy, and can be potentially harmful. Any Keratin formula that produces a major volume-reduction in the hair lasting months not days, is a potent salon chemical. It should be treated with serious respect, and handled only by using sensible safety protocols by licensed hair professionals.


Q. How long will a QOD Keratin smoothing treatment last?

A. Around 3 ~5 months, depending on hair type and condition. The longevity depends on many factors such as, condition of your hair, hair history, take home hair care regime, frequency of shampooing etc.


Q. Does QOD Brazilian Keratin work on hair extensions?

A. Yes, as always with hair extensions, care should be taken when using irons. The connection where the extensions are joined to the natural hair shouldn’t be ironed.


Q. Approximately how long does a QOD Brazilian Keratin treatment take to do, what is involved?

A. Dependent upon the volume and length of hair, the treatment can take anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours to finish. Firstly, the hair’s cuticle layer must be prepared, using an appropriate clarifying shampoo such as QOD Absolute-Cleanse to remove impurities. The Keratin is applied and left on the hair to be processed for 25 to 50 minutes. Then the hair is thoroughly rinsed of the Keratin and an Argan treatment mask is applied for 5 minutes then rinsed out. Next, the hair is blow-dried and then ironed with a professional ceramic iron to seal the Keratin and lock in the moisture, leaving the hair with the brilliant shine that QOD Keratin treatments are renowned for.


Q. How regularly can a QOD Brazilian Keratin Smoothing treatment be performed on the hair?

A. As often as desired as it is a conditioning treatment. If maximum volume reduction is what you are after, then multiple treatments will have a cumulative effect. Often clients request the service after a colour or other harsh processes in order to bring the hair back to a healthier state.


Q. How soon can you wash your hair or tie it back after a QOD Brazilian Keratin treatment?

A. Unlike Keratin treatments of the past, QOD Max Silver can be washed the very next day after your service.
If you don’t like the post service “flat ironed” look we can set your hair on large rollers or take a round brush and blow some volume into the roots immediately after it’s finished if you wish.


Brazilian Keratin “Smoothing” treatment (BKT)
Short ¥32,000
Med ¥38,000
Long ¥42,000

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