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O.K., so before you hit the beach or start pool crawling, 
pay a little thought to how best to protect your hair 
from the potentially hazardous cocktail of highly chlorinated water and the summer U.V rays.

The very first thing to remember before you go swimming anywhere and this includes the beach
is that your hair only has the ability to absorb a certain amount of water. 
So taking this one small fact into account, it is of the upmost importance that you fill your hair with
the least damaging water you can find.

For anyone who finds it a little extreme to wet their hair with bottled water, don’t laugh, 
I have a good friend who does this religiously before she swims, the water from the shower is certainly
less chlorinated than what is used in pools so I recommend 
you wet your hair completely with the
shower water before entering the pool or ocean for that matter.

After your swim, once again rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any pool water that may have
leeched it’s way into your hair, this step is also good for getting the pool water off your body, thus
protecting your skin.
Another useful tip is after pre-wetting your hair, apply a liberal amount of hair serum, we like
Moroccan Oil for this task. 

The silicones found in the serum will aid in sealing the hair from penetration of the chlorinated water.
After your day poolside it is essential that you shampoo your hair and condition it well, 
by well I mean leave the conditioner in your hair at least 5~10 minutes.

Alternatively use a hair mask if you have one available. Never allow saltwater or chlorinated pool
water to dry into your hair and sit there overnight!