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Sep2 Is your hairstyle ageing you? It’s not always that easy to readily identify a bad hairstyle, particularly on oneself and unless you have a completely butchered haircut, you probably think everything is going O.K with your current look. Ask yourself, when was the last time I updated my hair? If it takes you more than a couple of seconds to answer that you may want to read on. One common mistake is not getting your hair reshaped frequently enough. On average your hair needs cutting approximately every six weeks. This is not some arbitrary number but decades of experience has taught me that clients I see that have their hair cut with less frequency, say 8 weeks or more, invariably remark” I should have had this cut done weeks ago!” Which begs the question ”How have you been looking these past few weeks?” Just as Men over about 40~45 should be careful about the instant ageing effect of not shaving daily, designer stubble is best kept for the younger guy, a grown out haircut that has lost it’s freshness is something to pay particular attention to avoid. Is your cut working for you, does it have a contemporary flavour to it?, even the most classic haircut can be given a fresh twist, explore options with your stylist and remember, a change doesn’t always mean you need to become a completely different person, an enhanced version of who you already are is often  subtle and sufficient. Styling tip, Try to keep a casualness to your styling, don’t finish your hair off too perfectly,  if possible, at the finish, use your hands a little more to place your hair rather than brushing it into a severe perfect finish, Also, don’t “over do it” with the hairspray, sexy, youthful hair moves. The ultimate Ager Colour is a category that I could write reams on but two things come to mind when it comes to hair colour that ages,  1)  Make sure your base colour is not too dark, by a certain age, you should be careful using the natural colour of your youth as a reference to which colour you are going to use to cover those pesky greys. As you age and your hair naturally lightens by an increase in grey, your skin tone also changes to balance that so keeping it too dark not only creates a strong contrast as the new hair grows through, regrowth, but likely  no longer suits your changed complexion/skin tone. 2) The same can be said of being too blonde, I recommend a darker blonde base colour with some light blonde highlights which will look much  softer on a mature skin tone than heavy blonde alone.