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Ammonia free organic colour

Ammonia Free Organic colour now at Gold

I’ve started switching some of my clients over to this Ammonia Free colour system and the first most glaring difference noticed not only by me but by many clients is the almost total lack of chemical odour coming from the product both during the application and processing, but also most noticeable at the basin when the colour is being washed off and my client is lying in a horizontal position, the smell which for most hair colour is strongest at this time is almost indiscernible.


Several clients have commented that although they believe they are not allergic to hair colour, they accept a certain degree of itchiness and irritation to their scalp after the first 24 hours of having a colour, this is not occurring after they have tried the Ammonia Free colour.


Not only have we found this product to be significantly less toxic smelling but the results on the hair are extremely different in relation to how the hair feels, shine factor and overall appearance, it is like the hair has had a Post colour treatment without actually having one.


Only yesterday I tried the product on one of my dearest long term clients Catherine, before applying the colour to her hair I put the freshly mixed bowl directly under her nose to smell the mixed colour, her comment was that she thought she could discern the scent of beeswax but not anything stronger than that.

I would imagine anyone with a sensitive skin type, susceptibility to allergies, or increased sensitivity to smells brought about by pregnancy should try this product.


This is currently just my anecdotal take on the product working with it over the past few months but if any of the above is a concern for you, or you just want, as many people do these days, to lessen your overall chemical exposure then I highly recommend trying Ammonia Free Organic colour next time you visit Gold.