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Summer Hair Tip !

Well hasn’t it been humid lately?
Humidity has to be the one factor that makes even the usually tamest head of hair test its owners sanity.
I usually go into great detail on this subject with tips on products and services that aid in regaining control over this errant condition that for most people only rears its ugly head ( pun intended) between May and September.
For some , it may be time to embrace the beast and think about how this fluffiness can be switched into a more interesting and manageable look without seeking to eradicate it??

So first I think we need to ask ourselves, “ what is frizzy hair anyway”
In not all but most cases the answer to this is often wavy or curly hair that has been largely managed incorrectly or damaged.
Even the nicest wavy or curly hair will transform into a frizz ball if it is chemically over-processed or dry and dehydrated by over washing or  excessive use/ abuse of heat appliances, blow dryers, hot curling irons, straight irons etc.

Even just brushing natural curls or waves is enough to have them rebel into a  frizzy not quite straight, definitely not curly anymore form that just looks like a complete disaster. Curl and wave now somewhat eradicated from the hair, the resulting texture, a semi straight, frizzy thatch.

Here are a few of the best tips I can share for anyone who just wants to try and work with what’s happening in their hair naturally. And by working with what’s happening naturally, I guess I mean trying to restore your natural curl or waves to a form that celebrates its natural movement, without the frizz, or at least with a lot less of it…
The key is  ( drumroll……) moisture!

Moisture is not only the problem but also the solution.
Curly or wavy hair lacking moisture from some of the abuses mentioned above will begin to seek out moisture any way it possibly can. 
That “lift off” effect , the hallmark of frizzy hair is often just the hair naturally lifting off the head to access the ambient moisture found in the air( humidity) and the thirstier the hair, coupled with high levels of ambient moisture around in the air, the more pronounced the “ lift off”
Armed with this juicy bit of information, it becomes blindingly apparent that the more you keep up the moisture levels in your hair the less your hair will seek out moisture elsewhere.

Regular deep conditioning, by this I don’t mean slapping the conditioner in only long enough to comb out the tangles, but rather giving the conditioner time to properly soak in and moisturize your hair ( approx 4~5 mins)
Same goes for using a hair mask regularly for giving your hair that extra long drink that conditioner alone often doesn’t satisfy. Go for a mask that is moisture based as opposed to protein based to keep your hair replenished and supple.
Serums and Leave In conditioners are also great to use after the shower to lock in the moisture you’ve just pumped into your hair from conditioning, and if you have particularly thick hair, try to not rinse out the conditioner 100% but leave a little residue to aid in keeping it moist, this is all about you amply giving your hair all the moisture it needs so it doesn’t start seeking it from the surrounding environment.
Styling wise, definitely less is more when it comes to encouraging curls or waves back into your hair.

Top of the list are passive techniques that shun the use of hot appliances and rely more on air drying.
Braiding damp hair ( as one of my stylists quipped “ the Bimbo perm”) tying hair in rag curls to sleep in, twisting hair into Zulu knots will all crank up your curls and celebrate your hair’s natural movement giving you a more updated , natural image that your hair will love you for ( we can share the hands on “how to” insalon as it’s a little difficult to break it all down here without this article turning into War and Peace). Little known fact, the longer you go without pulling, tugging or stretching on your hair, the better that curl will form and behave.

There truly is no such thing as unmanageable hair, rather unmanageable /unrealistic expectations that we place on our hair in an effort to fit what society or fashion deems as attractive or stylish.
Just look at everything strutting down the catwalks lately, it all moves,
Free yourself!








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