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#Refer a friend” campaign

2016-9campaign Hello, looks like another Summer is done and dusted and things are returning to some semblance of normality, whatever that is. After Summer there always seems to be a lot of new faces around town, Google mapping their way through the streets is an instant giveaway, unless they suddenly stop and start madly swiping their phone then they are just another crazed Pokémon Go player… Anyway, we really appreciate the support our clients give us by referring new friends, or old for that matter, to our salon. So as a small incentive, reward, token of appreciation or whatever you prefer to call it, we will be running a Campaign some of you may know from years past , namely our ” Refer a friend” campaign. The rules are simple and the rewards are generous. Your friend must be a New client who has never visited Gold before. The Campaign will run from today until October 20 ( the final day), when you refer a friend to us who visits the salon on or before the final day she/he will receive 50% off the price of one single *service ( for multiple services the discount is applied to the most expensive service, e.g cut and colour, most likely 50% off the colour price) The most important point for you to remember is that the person referred by you knows your full name so we can give you a credit for your referral. So if everyone calls you Peggy but our records show Margaret please make sure they know your full name, or whatever name you use at Gold so we can find your record. After your friend has completed her appointment we will email you a thank you note that works also as a voucher for you to receive the 50% off one service on your next visit. Your voucher/s are non-expiry and you can send us as many people as you like so depending on your networking skills, you could potentially rack up ongoing discounts for many subsequent visits( only one voucher redeemable per visit) Now in this high octane age of social networking the meaning of “Friend” is something rather fast and loose compared to what the dictionary defines as a friend, Anyway, however you define a friend is good enough for us so that person you met yesterday at the cafe is as qualified as the one you went to kindergarten with, partners and spouses included! Thank you as always for your support, we greatly appreciate it! Have a great week, Howard *this offer does not apply to Hair extensions or Brazilian Keratin treatments. Expiry is end of day October 20, 2016 without exception. Thank you #Refer a friend” campaign #GOLD SALON TOKYO #Best Hair salon#