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Keeping it Smooth


So you want smooth, sleek hair and you’d like it to last throughout the day, well here’s the deal if your hair has any degree of natural wave or curl then ambient moisture or humidity will soon find your hair and wreak havoc on it
making it slowly return to it’s natural state, not unlike Cinderella post midnight.

Here’s a few tips to help you combat this frustrating problem.

1) The first place to target this problem is in the shower. Try using a shampoo and conditioner that has a moisturising effect on the hair, by injecting as much moisture as you can into your hair, you will decrease the need for your hair to “hunt out” moisture found in the air.

2) As you’ve now applied a moisture fighting base to your hair during step 1, your now ready to apply a light serum to seal in the moisture and protect your hair from that pesky humidity. Dimethicone, commonly found in serums and styling oils effectively works as a moisture repellent. On fine hair, apply from the mid lengths to the ends, on thicker hair from roots to ends.

3) Next I recommend using a boar bristle brush whilst blow-drying and always direct the airflow down the hairshaft to more effectively close the cuticle, rough drying before using your brush is fine to shorten the time you need to finish your blow-dry but never over rough dry it as it will be harder to get your hair smooth and more prone to show fly-away hairs.
Be sure to always finish off your blow-dry using the cold setting to shut that cuticle down tight.

4) As a final step a light blasting of an anti humidity hairspray goes a very long way to sealing in all your hard work from the previous steps.