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Give your hair a long, refreshing drink!

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Winter brings with it a dramatic drop in humidity 
coupled by the dryness that home/office heating causes. 
To combat these effects there are a couple of things you might 
like to add to you hair care routine that you may not be currently doing.

1) Give thirsty hair a deep long drink by doing a weekly hair 
mask, Shampoo your hair twice to thoroughly remove 
previously applied conditioner and/or styling products.

2) You might want to dry off and put a robe on before 
the next step, 
Towel dry the hair thoroughly then apply a generous 
amount of a deep conditioning mask 
( I recommend ones by Moroccan Oil as they have three different versions to accommodate most hair types).

3) Cover with a shower cap or a length of kitchen plastic wrap to 
trap your scalp heat therefore processing your mask now at 37 degrees 
and not whatever ambient temperature your room is.

4) Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes, if your comfortable like this put on a DVD and let it really soak in, 
the longer the better.

5) Rinse and Style as usual, this is a great little Sunday night ritual 
that your hair will love you for.

6) I also recommend if your not already using one, the 
introduction of a serum/oil based leave in treatment to get 
those pesky fly-away/ static hairs under control. 
These products also come in various weights with one to suit all hair types. 

Ask about these tips when your next in and we would be 
more than happy to explain which products would best suit 
your hair and how to use them.

 Another handy hair-tip brought to you by Tokyo’s leading foreign hair specialist salon, Gold.