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Dec Newsletter’s Hair Tips!


If you have been a reader of this newsletter for some time now you may notice at times a repetitiveness to some of the themes I touch on.
Sorry but good habits are rarely achieved by one single, simple suggestion.
I can’t remember how many times my dentist pushed me at every appointment to make flossing daily, a life long habit.
Well I do now, but not before some very expensive dental work loudly and clearly put me firmly on the track my patient dentist for so long pleading for me to take seriously,
As Oscar Wilde famously put it “Youth is wasted on the young!” and so are great teeth it seems.

Winter is hands down the most challenging season when it comes to hair becoming dry and dehydrated due to environmental factors.
Very low ambient air moisture, coupled with heated air conditioning and a general readiness to give your hair a thorough blow dry before stepping outside into the cold all contribute in no small way to dry, dull and lifeless looking hair.
So as not to bombard anyone with a long list of tips to combat this issue , here are my top 5

1) Whenever possible, let your hair go another day before shampooing it and if you shampoo twice when you wash your hair, try just doing it once, squeaky clean hair is not something to aspire to, that squeak you hear and feel is your hair screaming for lost moisture.

2) Surround yourself with Humidifiers, they will create a more moist environment that not only your hair will respond to but that your skin will love.

3) Try adding a weekly moisturizing hair mask to your routine, shampoo your hair once, towel dry it to take out any excess water then apply the mask liberally and pop on a shower cap to trap the heat coming off your scalp, the room you sit in is probably around 24 degrees celsius, your scalp is closer to 37 degrees so covering your head will trap that heat leading to deeper processing of your treatment, if you don’t have a shower cap you can find them in any 100 yen shop, much easier to use than Saran wrap.

Leave on as long as you can, the length of the next episode Netflix is offering ought to just about do it!

4) I can not over stress the importance of using a silicone based hair serum, a few drops to seal the moisture into your hair and protect it before you pick up your blowdryer and a few more drops to create shine and luster after you finish blow drying.

5) When using a blowdryer, remember, “less is more!”

Your style only happens at the very last moments when the hair goes from damp to dry, let your hair air dry for as long as possible before picking up your dryer and if you have not somehow got a piece of it to finish how you would like it, resist going over and over it but instead lightly spritz it with water and try again, it really doesn’t work to incinerate the same piece of hair that dried a little fluffy before you got to it.