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8 tips for growing long hair


Here are my top 8 tips to get healthier, longer hair!

1) Regular trims.
As counterintuitive as it sounds, getting your hair trimmed, and by trimmed I mean only lightly trimmed makes a world of difference to the overall appearance and quality of the hair you’ll end up with.
Regular trims eliminates breakage giving the appearance that your hair is growing faster not to mention increasing shine, volume and smoothness that hair with damaged, split ends lacks.

2) Resist the urge to go blonde.
As cool as all the platinum hair currently trending on Instagram and elsewhere is, once you inflict the kind of damage necessary to get those ultra light blonde looks , the damage done to the hair’s cuticle during the process is permanent and makes it very difficult to maintain healthy hair long term which is what long hair is all about. If it’s not a long term proposition, then I don’t know what it is….

3) Importance of brushing.
Getting into bed without first giving your hair a good brushing makes a huge difference to the overall quality of your hair especially during the growing season.
Use a boar bristle brush to distribute your natural oils down the hair shaft keeping it supple and moisturized is essential. Brushing also increases the circulation to the scalp, promoting new growth, you can’t have healthy hair if you haven’t a healthy scalp.

4) Lay off the heated styling tools.
Try to avoid over styling your hair, if you must use them, try dropping the temperature and use a heat protectant product, the risk of damaging your hair resulting in breakage and frizz goes way down when you use protection.

5) Shampoo less.
I’m sure you’ve heard extensively about this in beauty magazines and heartfelt testimonials attributing healthy hair to cutting back on frequent or dare I say daily shampooing.
Reducing your shampooing to 2 or 3 times per week allows your natural oils to do what they were designed to do, namely hydrate and repair hair!
Strike the right balance, too much shampooing strips hair of it’s natural moisturizer, too little can lead to a surplus oil build up on your scalp , resulting in itching and dandruff.

6) Cool rinse.
Now this is a hard sell in January but the benefits are smoother, healthier hair due to the cooler water closing the cuticle layer of your hair, your skin should show an obvious benefit too!

7) Fragile while wet.
Roughly combing or brushing out knots while the hair is wet is a recipe for major damage.
Use a Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush, both are made especially for combing out wet hair.
Always start at the ends and gradually work your way up to the scalp and don’t cheat and only do the top layers, the underneath will be like a birds nest next morning if you skip it.

8) Silk Pillowcases.
You can improve your hairs quality as you sleep with one simple step, switch up your pillowcases for silk ones, silk allows the hair to slip around on its surface decreasing dramatically tangles and breakage, the less breakage your hair experience, the longer and more luxurious it will eventually be.


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