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Autumn Hair tip

I regularly hear from clients how much they struggle with keeping their hair healthy after locating to Tokyo.
Any city of this size is going to need some kind of serious chemical intervention to keep the water bacteria free for the population and the chemical of choice in Tokyo is chlorine.

Yes the very same chemical that keeps a swimming pool from its users acquiring middle ear infections and a host of other nasty, pathogen related conditions.Unfortunately when it comes to hair and skin, chlorine is a slow burn disaster.
I want to share two tips I have found effective against chlorine that you can easily use at home

The first is changing your shower head to one with a filter on it, my suggestion is this U.S made one from Crystal that is available from Tokyu Hands or through Amazon  Crystal shower filter

Or simply adding Bi-Carbonated soda to your final rinse to leach out the chlorine and make your hair feel super soft.
Just add a tablespoon of the the bi-carb soda powder to a small to medium size bucket of water, stir around till its dissolved, then run it thru your hair as a final rinse, I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. bi-carb soda powder

And before you ask, NO, I’m not on some kind of Amazon commission or affiliate scheme, although maybe I should be??
Let me speak to Jeff about that next time I see him….